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New members welcome, for further information please contactour new membership secretary or any committee member (contact details below) alternatively pop along to one of our meetings on the first and third Monday of each month. Please ask for John, new membership secretary on arrival.




Chairperson Alfie Ogg                                           07977 262158 or email alfiewps@gmail.com


Vice Chair Paul Marshall                                         07765 246152 or email enquiries@hindlepastures.co.uk


Secretary Lisa McDowell                                                    07739 324901 or email lisamac97@googlemail.com


Treasurer Judith Roberts                                                    01706 341460 or email judith@rca.myzen.co.uk


Competition Secretary Kevin Duffy                                                         email kevinduffy30@hotmail.co.uk


New Membership Secretary John Butterworth                              email butterworth927@btinternet.com


Meeting Venue: The Band Club, 498 Market Street, Whitworth, Lancs, OL12 8QW